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GARD8 Boom Gate Kit

Item Code: GARD8
Price:  $3,800.00 incl. GST

GARD8 Boom Gate Kit

Item Code: GARD8
Price:  $3,800.00 incl. GST

Gard8 Boom Gate

The Gard8 boom gate is for passages of up to 8.0m.

Gard8 is the new, automatic street barrier designed for regular vehicular flows in both residential as well as multi-user settings.

It features soft profiles, rounded edges to offset the sail-effect, and innovative shapes all included in a barrier which fits harmoniously in all environments.

The Kit Includes;

  • 1 x Gard8 Boom Gate enclosure and controller
  • 2 x Boom Arms and Connector
  • Balancing springs
  • 1 x Fixed catch post.

The recommended safety for the Gard8 is as below:

Single Loop Detector

1 x Pre Wired Loop



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