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25/09/2021 - Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) - Optus Stadium 

The Optus Stadium has recently reviewed it's perimeter security measures and as part of the security upgrade package our team at Sec-Pro was fortunate enough to assist in the upgrade of a few of their hostile vehicle mitigation requirements.


The main footpath from the Crown Towers to the Optus Stadium was identified as a potential threat, not only due the possibility of unauthorised vehicle access from the road, but also due to the excessive speeds the vehicles could reach whilst approaching the main entrance to the stadium.


To mitigate this risk, Sec-Pro installed a row of PAS68 hostile vehicle mitigation bollards that would prevent any unwanted vehicles forcing entry to a densely populated pedestrian area.


Real risks requires real security.


It was a pleasure to be working at one of the states main attractions.


04/06/2021 - Automatic Retractable Bollards - Guilford Grammar

Brad Stevens and his high class team at Prestige Alarms, approached Sec-Pro regarding a requirement for Three seperate automatic rising bollards, for the access points of the new Guildford Grammar Co-educational boarding house, being built by Firm Construction.


Our team designed and specified the Rise Vigilant electromechanical automatic bollards, combined with a induction ground loop for each location to control traffic flow into the premises. 


The bollards come standard with a pre-alarm LED lights and sounder that warn anybody in the proximity the bollard is about to start operating and all authorised operations are controlled by Prestige alarms access control and their programmed timers.


I would like to pay tribute to Beninca and the Rise product and to all the trades and staff involved, the job was a smooth process and great success. 


17/09/2019 - Large Sliding Gate - Prixcar Project

Large track sliding gate has been installed at the Perth Airport for the Prixcar vehicle transport yard.

Extensive civil works were required for the structural certification of the automatic gate solution, a large 13.0m wide by 2.4m high track sliding gate, automated by a Beninca Bull 17OMI sliding gate motor with two pe-beams for the automatic close safety.

Sec-Pro provided the design, structural certification and the supply and installation of these security products for this project and we are proud of the final result.

If you are looking for a large sliding automatic gate, please contact us at Sec-Pro for all your design and support.

28/02/2020 - Meadow Springs Polo Field - Automated Swing Gates 

Our team at Sec-Pro was lucky enough to be involved in the latest upgrade to the King Meadows Polo Grounds in Guildford, Perth Western Australia.

On this occasion Sec-Pro was engaged to supply and install a automated solution for a set of large dual swing gates and provide access control to all staff and members via remotes and keypad. The result was stunning and just in time for the Polo national championship title, held at the King Meadow Polo Fields.

The product supplied and installed on this occasion was a dual set of Nice Titan high speed 3724 swing gate motors. 

If you are looking for a grand entrance statement and require a set of beautifully automated swing gates with Italian manufactured automation, please contact our team to discuss our unlimited options.

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14/02/2021 - Solar Powered Camera Unit - Construction Site Security 

A number of our customers have been requesting a solar powered CCTV camera unit, so our team here at Sec-Pro have heard the call and responded in launching a new and exciting division Site-Pro.


Site-Pro is our new site security hire division, starting with solar powered camera units that can be rapidly deployed across sites in Western Australia, providing instant security to our customers.


Combining our world class 8MP optics with our built in artificial intelligence, site security has never been so affective than it is now.


With the option to monitor site activities on your smart phone, tablet or PC yourself or push all the events through to a cctv monitoring centre, that can despatch a security guard to site on the event of suspicious loitering or an attempted break in. Site-Pro has a solution to keep your premises safe.


Come check out our new website


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2023 - Force Automatic Electromechanical Bollards

If you have something worth protecting, Then it's time to speak to our team at Sec-Pro.


Our team was recently approached to secure a private car collection here in Perth.


Seriously some of the finest machines man has ever built being protected by our Rise Force automatic electromechanical bollards.


Integrated in the the building access system for seamless perimeter security protection.\  


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15/03/2019 - Modular Security Systems

Sec-Pro's modular perimeter security solutions are the perfect answer for all mine, construction and work depots sites that require a temporary, relocatable of full time security and access control measures at the fraction of the cost.

These units can be integrated to all major access control systems, drug and alcohol and induction software to ensure only authorised users are granted site access.

These relocatable units can be simply lifted off a flat bed truck and dropped in to operation with a forklift, tele-handler or crane and setup in a matter of hours.

De-commissioning the units and relocating them to your next site has never been easier.

In our modular range we can provide, portable cantilevered gate solutions, mobile boom gates, turnstile containers and more. 

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17/04/2020 - Chain Gate - MyVista Project - Pindan 

Sec-Pro has completed a set of Entry and Exit chain gates for the MyVista age car facility project in Mirrabooka, Perth Western Australia for Pindan Construction.

Located on the staff car parking level the CAME CATX chain gates have been installed to provide a level of security and separation for the staff vehicles.

Integrated with a single height card reader pillar and the Gallagher Cardax building access control system, the only form of access is via an authorised proximity card.

The exit CAME CATX chain gate is activated by an automatic exit loops, which open's the chain gate once a vehicle drives across it. This solution is a perfect carpark solution, providing you the reassurance that your carpark is ready and available for you when you arrive at work.

If you are looking at designing or are in the process of constructing a carpark solution, contact Sec-Pro as our team would be more than happy to provide you with experienced advise and recommendations on a solution suitable for your next project.

Chain Gate 

Video Of Operation