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Item Code: BULL624TURBO
Price:  $850.00 incl. GST


Item Code: BULL624TURBO
Price:  $850.00 incl. GST



Control panel with receiver and virtual encoder incorporated personalized release key built-in battery charger.

Up to 600 kg.

24 Vdc intensive use.

Fast 24 VDC gear motor for intensive use with integrated control panel equipped with switching power supply (115/230 VAC).

The main control panel, on the top part of the motor, makes it possible to facilitate the wiring procedure and also to calculate the position of the motor starting from the measurement of instantaneous speed (virtual encoder).

The virtual encoder means that slowing can be properly managed, movement can be tracked (STC system), and torque can be managed in relation to the position of the gate, which guarantees maximum security.

Fast and easy to install, thanks to the self-programming function with the radio remote control that can be activated at the first installation and with practical cable raceways.

Maximum performance and speed (25 m/min with 600 kg).

Amperometric sensor obstacle detection system to prevent crushing.

Safety sensor that stops the motor power supply during release operations.

Option to operate twin-leaf sliding gates using the SIS accessory and in case of power failure, with the built-in battery charger.

Designed for connection to the x.BE module to integrate the device in KNX home automation systems.

Convenient compartment for 2 batteries mod. DA.BT2 2.1 Ah.

Metal release lever.