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With extensive industry knowledge our installation team are experienced in their trades and provide superior results. Complemented by our professional handover procedure, outlining the important maintenance  details and ongoing service support to ensure the longevity of your perimeter security product.

Our installation trades are as follows:

  1. Civil Works
  2. Mechanical Installation 
  3. Electrical Installation
  4. Electrical Commissioning and Integration

If you are looking for a quotation for supply and installation please contact us and our team would be delighted to provide you with a prompt, competitive and professional quote for your consideration.




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Sec-Pro’s Product Range


Perimeter Gate

Slide Gate - Track gate, cantilever gate, bi-slide gate, telescopic gate or security gate.

Swing Gate - Single swing gate, dual swing gate, bi-fold swing gate.

Manual Gate - Reserve gate, security boom gate, manual swing gate, council gate or half height barrier.

Pedestrian Gate - Security pedestrian gate, pedestrian gate, access gate.

Boom Gate - 4.0m Boom gate, security boom gate, 8.0m boom gate, 12.0m boom gate, 24v boom gate.

Chain Gate - Chain barrier, 8.0m chain barrier, 16.0m chain gate, drop gate.

Turnstile - Full height turnstile, flap barrier, speed barrier, tripod turnstile, half height turnstile and swing barrier.

Perimeter Fence - Garrison fence, palisade fence, chain mesh fence, cyclone fence and fencing installations.

Relocatable Perimeter Security - Modular security, sea container turnstiles, mobile boom gate, solar gate and boom gate unit.


Gate Hardware

Cantilever Gate - Under carriage guide rail, guide roller, catch post, gate stop and gear rack

Track Gate - Track gate hardware, rollers, guide rail, bolt down track, cast in track, gate catch, gate stop and gear rack.

Swing Gate - Gate hinge, bearing hinge, traffic-able stop, swing gate bracket, weld on bracket

Pedestrian Gate - Hinge, tru close hinge, kaba lock kit, mortice lock, bus cylinder, strike shield, fish electric strike, fish mounting kit, maglock, l&z bracket, cisa lock, kaba closer and gate closer.


Gate Automation

Slide Gate Motor - Nice automation, came, bft, gate automation, RB500, RB600, RB1000, RB1200HS, RUN1500.

Swing Gate Motor - Nice automation, came, bft, swing gate automation, TO4024, TO5024, TO6024, TO7024, TO6024HS and MC824H Controller.

Pedestrian Gate Automation - Walky 24v motor kit, rodeo slide motor.

Safety - EPM Beam, f210 photocells, ft210, fta1 battery, ult-din loop detector, dual loop detector, induction loop, pre wired loop, traffic lights, flashing sounder, bump strip and ultrasonic sensor.


Gate Solar

Industrial Solar - Gate motor solar, turnstile solar, boom gate solar, solar automation.

Commercial Solar - Gate motor solar, turnstile solar, boom gate solar, solar automation, swing gate sole and solemyo SYKCE


Access Control

Remotes & Receivers - Into remotes, garage clickers, roller door remotes, remote receivers, SMX2R, OXI and INTIKIT

Access Control - ERA keypad, EKS key switch, ETP kit, keypad, vandal resistant keypad, net2 proximity reader, exit button, REX, mushroom push button, break glass, emergency exit, Net2 single door controller, Net2 i/o, ISO prom cards, NET2 desktop reader, fargo DTC1250e printer and fargo DTC1250e colour cartridge.

Intercom - Dahua IP intercom kit, VTO2000A - VTH1550CH, duhua IP Intercom Kit, RING video door bell.

Communications - Tp-link TL-MR6400 4G / Wireless N300 modem router, nano station M5 ubiquiti link, ubiquity bracket

Reader Post - Card reader pillar, single height card reader pillar, dual height card reader pillar, collapsible card reader pillar, stainless card reader pillar.



Industrial Bollards - In-ground bollard, fixed bollard, base plate bollard and removable bollard.

Stainless Bollards - In-ground bollard, fixed bollard, base plate bollard and removable bollard.

Urban Design Bollard - In-ground bollard, fixed bollard, base plate bollard, slopped bollard, raked bollard, modern bollard and removable bollard.

Retractable Bollard - 100NB manual retractable bollard, 150NB retractable bollard, gas strut assist bollard, stainless retractable bollard.

Automatic Retractable Bollard - Electromechanical bollard, Stoppy B bollard, Stoppy MB bollard, pneumatic bollard, stainless automatic bollard.

High Security Bollard - Pas68, K12, antiterrorism bollard, hostile vehicle mitigation bollard, security bollard, engineered and certified bollard and impact rated bollards.


Carpark Products

Wheelstop - Rubber wheelstop, concrete wheel stop, tyre slasher, tyre spike, speed hump, speed cushion and card reader pillars


Bicycle Parking

Vertical Bicycle Parking - Wall mount vertical rack, free standing vertical bicycle rack.

Horizontal Bike Rack - Stainless bike rack, u rack, bike rack, commercial bike rack, end of trip facility, green star rating, Australian standard AS2890.3

Bike Station - Bicycle repair station, pump station, wash station and bike tools.

Bike Locks - Bicycle Locks, D Locks, U Locks and bike locks.



Gate Installation - Gate installs, gate automation, gate fault and gate installer

Boom Gate Installation - Boom gate repairs, boom gate installer

Swing Gate - Swing gate installations, swing gate service, gate repairs

Fence Installation - Fence installer, garrison fence installations