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Nice Era EDS - Wireless Keypad

Item Code: J1ERAEDS
Price:  $123.00 incl. GST

Nice Era EDS - Wireless Keypad

Item Code: J1ERAEDS
Price:  $123.00 incl. GST


100% Wireless Keypad With IP54 Protection & Vandal Proof Metal

The high quality and reliable Nice EDS is a wireless keypad made of vandal proof metal with a 27mm depth and high protection rating of IP54.

The EDSWG is a popular choice as it is 100% wireless, this means that it has no cables and no wiring is required.

The keypad has 13 keys, with an 8 digit combination that can be input via radio connection. All of these great features make the EDSWG a strong contender amongst other keypads and allows for a wide variety of potential applications.

Intended for commanding one or more automation devices for use with blinds, sun screens, shutters or rolling shutters, doors or garage doors, gates of various types and other similar applications.


  • The ability to choose between whether to have 3 transmission channels to control 3 systems or 3 different customised commands for a single automated system

  • Compatible with MORX Receiver

  • No cables or wiring required - 100% wireless

  • Estimated range of 100m in open space / outdoors and 20m indoors (see specs for more info)

  • Backlit digital keypad

  • Automatically switches off when not in use

  • Strong, durable and vandal proof IP54 metal casing

  • Works in temperatures from -10°C to +55°C

  • Approx. 2 years battery life (based on 10 transmissions a day)

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