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Who we are

Sec-Pro is an Australian owned and operated company providing products and services for all of your Perimeter Security needs.

Sec-Pro can  offer you a total solution from, design, manufacturing, supply, installation, spare parts and after sales service.

Sec-Pro is your specialist perimeter security provider with expertise in commercial, construction and mining projects, education, transport and all traffic related industries.



What we do

Sec-Pro commits to providing you with  a security solution to protect your property and assets.

Sec-Pro has design capabilities to engineer your security solution for all of your perimeter security requirements.

Sec-Pro will always strive to source materials and solutions at competitive industry pricing to ensure the lowest cost solutions.

Sec-Pro has local manufacturing capabilities to build the security solution that meets your personalised specification.

Sec-Pro’s mission statement is to provide you with high quality security products, with experienced, friendly and local support at a competitive price:

  1. Gates
  2. Automation
  3. Hardware
  4. Barriers
  5. Turnstiles
  6. Bollards
  7. Access Solutions
  8. Bicycle Parking 
  9. Bicycle Repair Stations



Our products and services come with a 12 month warranty. As all major replacement parts are stocked locally, with local service support, we can ensure a timely repair minimising the interruption of your operation whilst maintaining your security levels.


















Sec-Pro’s Product Range


Perimeter Gate

Slide Gate - Track gate, cantilever gate, bi-slide gate, telescopic gate or security gate.

Swing Gate - Single swing gate, dual swing gate, bi-fold swing gate.

Manual Gate - Reserve gate, security boom gate, manual swing gate, council gate or half height barrier.

Pedestrian Gate - Security pedestrian gate, pedestrian gate, access gate.

Boom Gate - 4.0m Boom gate, security boom gate, 8.0m boom gate, 12.0m boom gate, 24v boom gate.

Chain Gate - Chain barrier, 8.0m chain barrier, 16.0m chain gate, drop gate.

Turnstile - Full height turnstile, flap barrier, speed barrier, tripod turnstile, half height turnstile and swing barrier.

Perimeter Fence - Garrison fence, palisade fence, chain mesh fence, cyclone fence and fencing installations.

Relocatable Perimeter Security - Modular security, sea container turnstiles, mobile boom gate, solar gate and boom gate unit.


Gate Hardware

Cantilever Gate - Under carriage guide rail, guide roller, catch post, gate stop and gear rack

Track Gate - Track gate hardware, rollers, guide rail, bolt down track, cast in track, gate catch, gate stop and gear rack.

Swing Gate - Gate hinge, bearing hinge, traffic-able stop, swing gate bracket, weld on bracket

Pedestrian Gate - Hinge, tru close hinge, kaba lock kit, mortice lock, bus cylinder, strike shield, fish electric strike, fish mounting kit, maglock, l&z bracket, cisa lock, kaba closer and gate closer.


Gate Automation

Slide Gate Motor - Nice automation, came, bft, gate automation, RB500, RB600, RB1000, RB1200HS, RUN1500.

Swing Gate Motor - Nice automation, came, bft, swing gate automation, TO4024, TO5024, TO6024, TO7024, TO6024HS and MC824H Controller.

Pedestrian Gate Automation - Walky 24v motor kit, rodeo slide motor.

Safety - EPM Beam, f210 photocells, ft210, fta1 battery, ult-din loop detector, dual loop detector, induction loop, pre wired loop, traffic lights, flashing sounder, bump strip and ultrasonic sensor.


Gate Solar

Industrial Solar - Gate motor solar, turnstile solar, boom gate solar, solar automation.

Commercial Solar - Gate motor solar, turnstile solar, boom gate solar, solar automation, swing gate sole and solemyo SYKCE


Access Control

Remotes & Receivers - Into remotes, garage clickers, roller door remotes, remote receivers, SMX2R, OXI and INTIKIT

Access Control - ERA keypad, EKS key switch, ETP kit, keypad, vandal resistant keypad, net2 proximity reader, exit button, REX, mushroom push button, break glass, emergency exit, Net2 single door controller, Net2 i/o, ISO prom cards, NET2 desktop reader, fargo DTC1250e printer and fargo DTC1250e colour cartridge.

Intercom - Dahua IP intercom kit, VTO2000A - VTH1550CH, duhua IP Intercom Kit, RING video door bell.

Communications - Tp-link TL-MR6400 4G / Wireless N300 modem router, nano station M5 ubiquiti link, ubiquity bracket

Reader Post - Card reader pillar, single height card reader pillar, dual height card reader pillar, collapsible card reader pillar, stainless card reader pillar.



Industrial Bollards - In-ground bollard, fixed bollard, base plate bollard and removable bollard.

Stainless Bollards - In-ground bollard, fixed bollard, base plate bollard and removable bollard.

Urban Design Bollard - In-ground bollard, fixed bollard, base plate bollard, slopped bollard, raked bollard, modern bollard and removable bollard.

Retractable Bollard - 100NB manual retractable bollard, 150NB retractable bollard, gas strut assist bollard, stainless retractable bollard.

Automatic Retractable Bollard - Electromechanical bollard, Stoppy B bollard, Stoppy MB bollard, pneumatic bollard, stainless automatic bollard.

High Security Bollard - Pas68, K12, antiterrorism bollard, hostile vehicle mitigation bollard, security bollard, engineered and certified bollard and impact rated bollards.


Carpark Products

Wheelstop - Rubber wheelstop, concrete wheel stop, tyre slasher, tyre spike, speed hump, speed cushion and card reader pillars


Bicycle Parking

Vertical Bicycle Parking - Wall mount vertical rack, free standing vertical bicycle rack.

Horizontal Bike Rack - Stainless bike rack, u rack, bike rack, commercial bike rack, end of trip facility, green star rating, Australian standard AS2890.3

Bike Station - Bicycle repair station, pump station, wash station and bike tools.

Bike Locks - Bicycle Locks, D Locks, U Locks and bike locks.



Gate Installation - Gate installs, gate automation, gate fault and gate installer

Boom Gate Installation - Boom gate repairs, boom gate installer

Swing Gate - Swing gate installations, swing gate service, gate repairs

Fence Installation - Fence installer, garrison fence installations